Billing Agreement

Siriad Solutions
Billing Terms of Service

Account/Hosting Setup

Hosting is live as soon as this agreement and/or an initial contract is/are signed. An account for the client will be created at this point. Recurring costs accrue from this point forward. If the client wishes to 'park' the site until a design is decided on can request a simple 'Coming Soon!' page. Parking the page for more than 90 calendar days leaves the site subject to removal and the contract subject to nullification (if there is a contract).


Non-recurring payments are due according to the terms of any contracts signed with Siriad. Recurring payments (agreed to upon original contract signing) for any and all services is due within 20 calendar days after an invoice or notification of balance is issued.

Late payments will incur a $15 penalty if the payment is made within 10 calendar days of the deadline. If payment is not received after these 10 calendar days, Siriad reserves the right to lock the hosting and generate a 'This site is down for maintenance' message or an otherwise blank page for the site.

Ownership of Site/Transfer Rights

For domains which are registered and controlled by Siriad, the client reserves full control rights over the domain name. The client can transfer the site at any time to any other hosting provider/domain name registrar. Siriad will provide any transfer codes necessary.

Cancellation by the Client

Unless the original contract has other cancellation terms, the client can cancel the contract with Siriad at any point. No pro-rated refunds are given for recurring costs, unless specified otherwise in the original contract.


If there are any billing disputes, we here at Siriad will do our best to reach an amicable and equitable agreement. One of our core tenets is customer service, and if there are any issues, our management team can directly address them to resolve them as soon as possible. We can be reached at billing [at]