Accessing your account from Windows

This guide will walk you through accessing your shell account from Windows. You can also check out this video: Connecting to Siriad from Windows

Note: If you are logging in for the first time, you will need to make sure you are on a computer with a public IP address (this is necessary in order to change your password).

  1. Download and install Kerberos for Windows:
  2. Authenticate using installed Network Identity Manager (MIT Kerberos for Windows)

    username: <Your Siriad username>
    realm: SIRIAD.COM (All uppercase)
    password: <Your Siriad password>

  3. Download and install Putty :
  4. Run Putty
  5. Enable GSSAPI authentication
    Connection -> SSH -> Auth -> GSSAPI -> 'Attempt GSSAPI authentication (SSH-2 only)
  6. Enable GSSAPI credential delegation (Warning: failure to complete this step will result in successful login without mounting your home directory)
    Connection -> SSH -> Auth -> GSSAPI -> 'Allow GSSAPI credential delegation'
  7. After checking the box, connect to
  8. After connecting with the username, you should be logged in.

There may be a noncritical error regarding Kerberos version 4 that pops up when authenticating with Network Identity Manager. This error can be safely ignored.

Note: For FTP access, try WinSCP ( Be sure to select the 'Advanced options' checkbox and then navigate to: SSH -> Authentication -> 'Attemp GSSAPI/SSPI authentication (SSH-2)'